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neil_isalitgod's Journal

Neil Gaiman Is a Literary God
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Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented, prolific and versatile writers of our time. Plus, he's dead sexy.
Not that we're biased or anything.
This is a community where Neil sock puppets fans can gather to bond, discuss Neil, stuff related to Neil, relate close encounters of the Neil kind, post Neil icons, and so on and so forth. If you love Neil and his work, join!

-Posts should be at least loosely related to Neil—of course, general news about comics, the CBLDF, publishing, Dave McKean, artists/writers who’ve worked with Neil, and Tori Amos all have some relevance and can be posted, but mainly, this is a community about NEIL GAIMAN, after all.
-Be nice to each other. It's simple, isn't it? Be nice. Please prove this to be a simple, easily grasped concept: nice is good. Love each other. <3
-Pictures or lost posts should probably be behind lj cuts; instructions here


Credit to Dave Sim for writing a letter in which he quoted a letter sent to him which refered to Neil’s fans as "sock puppets"-—Sim went on to add, "Neil’s in a nice way sock puppets."