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Neil Gaiman likes my book!!!!

OK, so totally fangirl here, but I just read in Neil Gaiman's Blog ( that he read my book (which includes a section on Sandman), and described it as "a deliciously readable jaunt through high and low culture." Swooning happily . . . Well, maybe just short of breath. This is even cooler than getting a blurb from David Greenwalt (co-creator of "Angel"). It's like being praised by God or something, and there's also the factor of writing about living authors, and hoping that they *won't* tell you you're completely full of shit about their work. :-) But, damn! And, Whee! And when I can impress my 16-year old daughter (my toughest critic :-) ), I know I'm doing something right. But, DA-AMN! :-)

And, just to pimp my book while I'm at it, you can find it on Amazon under Atara Stein (yours truly), but it won't be published until Nov. 23.
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