Help save Fu Manchu, and Moriarty and Dracula (opportunemoment) wrote in neil_isalitgod,
Help save Fu Manchu, and Moriarty and Dracula

Mirrormask in Edinburgh

Hi there everyone,

I'm a big Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman fan, and I'm going to see Mirrormask at the Edinburgh Film Festival on the 19th of August.

But, there was a screw-up with the computer on the day that I bought the tickets (Firefly fans will remember what happened...) and instead of getting three tickets I ended up with nine!

So is there anyone reading this who can get to Edinburgh on the 19th of August and wants to buy a ticket off me? I’ve got six to get rid of. They’re £7.50 each. Email me at an_tredhek @ It’s first come first served, and I’m cross-posting this to a couple of other interested communities.

Unfortunately I don’t have a paypal account and there’s not much time left for getting cheques in the post, so the best way would probably be to meet up at the cinema for the paying. I know going all the way to Edinburgh without yet having a ticket is kinda a leap of faith, but if you wander over to my journal you can see that I honestly have had them for a couple of weeks.

Hope someone’s interested,

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