Squidling (kittywolf) wrote in neil_isalitgod,

Merry Whatever! Yay!

Seasonal huzzahs and all, etc., etc., to my lovely dead community. I would just like to take a moment to say that although I'm disowned, etc., and my mother doesn't speak to me, etc., Christmas was lovely AND FEATURED NEIL.
Mainly because boyfriend, Matthew, bought me more Sandman.
And his mother bought the two Gaiman novels I hadn't re-bought since being kicked out. [Good Omens and Stardust]
So, huzzah, huzzah. Plus, I was fed lovely food.
So, in short, I wish everyone was been merry, and if you haven't been merry, go off and be merry. Mwah! Much love, etc., etc.
And I turn 18 in a week. *dancedance*
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